Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant

Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant

Concrete Batching Plant, also known as concrete batching plant or batching plant, used in industry is a device in which many components such as cement, sand, water and other additives are combined to form concrete. Blending is the process of weighing and placing materials in a mixer to develop a concrete blend. Concrete has been recognized as one of the most durable materials used in construction work such as bridges, homes, highways, sidewalks and more.

Combined with the concrete plant, its parts and accessories, it produces high quality concrete. To understand the working principle of a concrete plant, it is important to know the different components of the plant.

Concrete Plant Components

Aggregate Feeders – With the help of silos placed, aggregate, sand, etc., with the help of silos holding different sizes of aggregate / sand for different compartments. The materials are fed.

Cement Weighing Hopper – Hold large volumes of cement that comes in bulk. Cement bags are placed on top of the hopper and fall into the hopper after the cement bags are torn.

Aggregate Weighing Hopper – Used to weigh the aggregates one by one and transfer them for further processing. Aggregates are discharged with the help of pneumatic cylinders.

Twin – Shaft Mixer – It is one of the main components of the concrete plant. All materials are mixed with the help of a double shaft mixer. It ensures that the concrete is mixed thoroughly by obtaining a homogeneous appearance and that all components are distributed evenly.

Control Panel – The operation of the blending plant is controlled by the control panel. It assists in fast and accurate measurement of components that aid in the production of high quality concrete. The end machines also help to save and print mix material recipes.

Additives – Liquid form with three different types stored separately.

Water – It is controlled with the help of a water meter system, depending on the volume required for the mixture.

The most used type is mobile concrete batching plant.

Mostly, this machine is made of high quality solid material. The most important feature of this machine is that it is easy to take this machine to different places. In addition, the machine is very easy to set up and production can be started quickly. Besides easy mobility, the mobile concrete plant offers superior mixing performance. The mixing unit of the facility can provide rapid mixing of the concrete in a homogeneous manner. It is important to note that the concrete plant mixing unit requires cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals. There is a wide variety of concrete plants available today, but when planning to purchase the right concrete batching plant for your needs, it is important to consider a few important factors such as build quality, accessories and control panel features.

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