Cement Silo

Cement Silo

Cement Silo

Cement silo is one of the necessary mechanisms for the fastest access to ready-made production products in building constructions and general construction sites. In particular, the cements stocked for use are kept in usable form thanks to the silos.

Cement silo can be ordered for single use. However, owning a silo often comes into prominence as an acquired resource along with owning a concrete plant. It offers different alternative concrete batching plants and cement silos with different volumes to the service of its users.

What is Cement Silo

A silo, with its shortest definition, is a storage chamber. Cement silos, in the category of containment systems, are structures that are commonly designed within concrete plants. Although there are horizontal usage models around the world, the general usage model is the vertical cement silo.

Users include vertical silos in their projects in order to save square meters and save space, especially in construction site zoning areas.

During high-volume operations in zoning areas, a large amount of concrete mortar and cement is required. Each time, preparing enough mortar to be used brings negative results in terms of both cost, labor and time.

At this stage, the silo for cement not only provides the fastest way to reach the quality product, but also saves time by protecting the high volume mortar prepared.

In line with this information; “What is a Cement Silo?” For the answer to the question; It would be correct to say that they are gigantic storage tanks that keep the concrete or cement mortars prepared on an excessive scale in usable condition.

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