Concrete Plant Bunker

Concrete Plant Bunker

Concrete Plant Bunker

Concrete plant is the part in which the bunker aggregates are classified according to their size for making ready-mixed concrete by processing. The main function of the machine, also known as the aggregate hopper, is to classify aggregates according to their size.

Concrete plant bunker sorts crushed stone pieces of different sizes to produce ready mixed concrete. Thus, different structures of concrete can be produced to be used in different areas.

Concrete Plant Bunker

Concrete plants are large-scale facilities that produce ready-to-use concrete, known as ready-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete produced in concrete plants is used in the building and construction industry. Ready-mixed concrete is one of the basic materials of today’s buildings. It has a wide usage area and is an important building material. Concrete plants consist of many different machines and equipment. Each equipment has its own characteristics and functions. One of these equipment is a sorting machine called aggregate bunker.

Production in concrete plants consists of several stages. These stages may differ according to the structure of the concrete plant. The reason for this difference is whether the power plant is fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The same product is obtained in all concrete plant models, but the production methods may differ. The aggregate hopper provides the transmission of the sand required for the production of the concrete mixture to the mixer at this production stage.

Concrete Plant Aggregate

Aggregate is small sized cubic stone pieces crushed. Aggregate production is only produced in crushing plants called stone crushing and screening plants. Crusher plants are large-scale plants that crush large stone and mineral pieces. Aggregates produced in these facilities are used in the production of ready-mixed concrete. Aggregate forms the main material of ready mixed concrete. Other substances are cement and water. Aggregate sent to concrete plants is produced here by hand using cement, water and auxiliary materials. Ready-mixed concrete production takes place as a result of certain stages. At this stage, each machine or equipment has its own specific task.

The task of the aggregate hopper in the concrete plant is primarily to classify the aggregates according to their sizes. The purpose of classification of aggregate is to produce ready mixed concrete with different properties. Because ready mixed concrete has many different usage areas. The structure of the ready mixed concrete used in these areas should also be different. Aggregate hopper has lids that can be opened and closed. Through these covers, the aggregate is sent to the hopper where ready-mixed concrete will be produced. Here, the aggregate combined with other elements is sent to the mixer for mixing.

What Does a Concrete Plant Do?

Concrete is an important element that has been used in buildings for many years. Although different materials have been used instead of concrete until now, concrete is mostly preferred in buildings today. The reason for this is that concrete has a very strong structure. In addition, it is an important feature of concrete that it can keep the structure standing for many years without deterioration. Today, ready mixed concrete is produced in powerful machines called concrete batching plants. The most important function of concrete plants; its ability to produce high volumes of ready-mixed concrete in a very short time.

All of the fixed, mobile or compact concrete plants are fully automated systems. From the moment the material arrives at the feeders to the operation of the mixer, the whole process is carried out automatically and can be easily followed on a single panel. Different types of products can be obtained by determining the material weighing and adjusting the mixing time.

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