Concrete Plant Equipment

Concrete Plant Equipment

Concrete Plant Equipment

Concrete Plant Equipments Concrete is obtained by mixing materials such as gravel, stone, sand, cement and water. The concrete plant is the area where all these materials are found and the processes are carried out.

So, what are the concrete plant equipment?

Fixed Concrete Plant Equipment

The concrete plant, which is the area where concrete is processed and all other processes are carried out, provides you with access to different equipments through different types. All kinds of tools and equipment in this area, which are used for processing concrete and performing other operations, can be included in the scope of equipment. Fixed concrete plant was the preferred type for long-term studies. A full-fledged settlement is provided for the power plant that will be used for a long time. We can say that it is the most ideal power plant type for long-term studies.


● There will be options like 130 – 160 – 30 – 60.

● Double shaft mixer

● Single Shaft

● Pan mixer

● Cement silo

● Aggregate bunkers

It can be said that many such equipments are among the fixed concrete plant equipment. All of the equipment that should be in this area is meticulously used for the process to be done. It can be ensured that the area is created completely with both quality and safe equipment. It is possible to make reviews according to product features and needs.

Mobile Concrete Plant Equipment

If equipment is required for portable, short-term works, the most advantageous mobile concrete batching plant will be preferred. Equipment has been determined for this power plant. It will be ensured that the switchboard is created in a way that will both work and without sacrificing security in any way. So, what equipment is included?

● Turbomix is ​​diversified as 30 – 60 – 90 – 100 – 120 – 150.

● Mini mix 30 is also among the options offered.

The reason for being mobile is that the needed equipment is transported and brought to the area where it is needed instantly. In this way, you will be able to directly move and access the equipment you need. Many equipments such as pan mixer, single shaft, double shaft mixer, cement silo are directly accessible for mobile. Evaluating the mobile option for supply will also enable the advantage of portability to be used.

Saving equipment;

If this type of power plant is suitable for the work to be done, a choice that can save money is made. In terms of saving space, it is possible to carry out the necessary procedures in order to obtain maximum benefit from the works. By using the mobile option, you can ensure that the equipment offered in this area comes to the area in a short time at the same time. Thanks to the power plant type, which includes state-of-the-art products, production will be extremely advantageous. Mobile can be preferred in order to ensure that the equipment, which is offered both economically and safely, reaches you immediately. You can directly make your choice by evaluating the area to be used. You can make detailed examinations for concrete plant equipment. The mobile service created for every equipment needed will be at your service.

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