How much does it cost to set up a concrete plant? How to install a concrete plant? Such questions are among the questions asked by people or companies who want to enter the ready mixed concrete market. In this article, we have prepared a detailed article about the costs of concrete batching plants.

The cost of establishing a concrete plant varies according to different factors. The most important of them are; the production capacity of the plant, the structure of the plant (mobile, fixed or compact) and the brand of the concrete plant, namely the manufacturer company.

How Much Does it Cost to Establish a Concrete Plant?

Concrete plants are a collection of large machines required for the production of ready mixed concrete. These machines are facilities that produce ready-mixed concrete by mixing small-sized stones, called aggregates, with cement and water. Once a ready-mixed concrete plant is established, it can produce for many years. Concrete batching plants, which require very little manpower, can provide high profitability to manufacturers.

Concrete  plants today have quite different models and structures. The price of each model can also vary according to its features. The exact figure required for the concrete plant will only be revealed after all the details of the project have been determined. However, the minimum budget for establishing a ready mixed concrete plant is around 100,000 Euros. Of course, this figure may increase even more depending on the capacity and characteristics of the concrete plant. You can contact Mussan Group for ready mixed concrete plant prices.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant Installation

If you are thinking of entering the ready mixed concrete sector, producing ready mixed concrete and putting it on the market, there are some things you need to do. Market research should be done first, except for official permits or installation costs. Which companies serving in the sector, production costs and sales prices, matters such as transportation should be investigated well.

Apart from this, negative and positive opportunities in the sector should be evaluated. Where the raw material is sourced from or the target audience of the products should be analyzed well. In addition, the companies that can buy the ready mixed concrete to be produced and the domestic and foreign markets should be discussed in detail.

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