Concrete Plant MG 100 M³ / Hour

Concrete Plant MG 100 M³ / Hour

MG 100 m³ / HOUR – CONCRETE PLANT; Designed for Fully Automatic Operating System. It is designed on the basis of 24 Hours Working. It is a system that stocks Ready-Mixed Concrete Components such as Cement, Water, Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone and Aggregate, Weighs at Predetermined Scales, and Mixes them in the Mixer, Produces Ready-Mixed Concrete and Transfers it to the Transmixer. It has a concrete production capacity of 100 m³ per hour…

MG 100 m³ / HOUR – CONCRETE PLANT; For a facility with these features, we recommend the installation – resting and stock area should be a minimum of 1750 m². No Roof Closure Obligation. The concrete floor to be prepared must be at least 1/5 of the total facility area.

The Specified Equipment List is a recommendation and Indicated by Numbers in the Example Installation Diagram. You can remove or add the product you do not want.

Technicial Specifications

Plant Compressed Concrete Capacity100 m³ / HourCement Silo Quantity / Capacity3 Piece  x 80 Ton
Number of Mixtures60 Mixture  / HourCement Weighing1.000 Kg
Mixer Dry Volume2 m³Additive Weighing50 Kg
Mixer Motor Power2 x 28 KwWater Weighing750 Kg
Aggregate Number / Capacity4 x 25 m³Cement Screw3 Piece  / 219 x 10.800
Aggregate Weighing Conveyor15 mt x 80 cmAir System Installation500 Lt / 8 Bar
Aggregate Weighing18.000 KgAutomation TypeFully Automatic / Telemecanique
Aggregate Holding Bunker Capacity4 m³Shipment Volume1 Piece FLAT / 4 Piece  40 HQ
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