Concrete Plant Usage Instruction

Concrete Plant Usage Instruction

Concrete Plant Usage Instruction

Concrete  plant operating instructions are very important in terms of occupational health and safety of employees. The correct and procedural operation of the concrete  plant has been prepared to eliminate possible hazards.

Concrete  plant operating instructions are based on minimizing the risks that may occur during production. In order for a person to be able to produce ready-mixed concrete through a concrete plant, he must also go through the necessary training.

What are the Concrete Plant Usage Instructions?

Large facilities designed to produce ready-mixed concrete are called concrete plants. Ready-mixed concrete produced in concrete plants constitutes the main material of the construction and building sector. Therefore, concrete  plants are an important element of the construction sector. The need for ready mixed concrete is also increasing due to the constantly increasing urbanization all over the world. Producer companies are also trying to increase their production capacities in order to meet the ready-mixed concrete demand. However, in order to obtain a quality concrete, the plant must be operated in accordance with the standards.

Ready-mixed concrete plants consist of many different machines and equipment integrated with each other. The basic equipments that make up the concrete plant are as follows;

● Aggregate weighing belt

● Mixer feeding belt

● Aggregate hopper

● Mixer

● Cement silo

● Automation system

How Does a Ready Mixed Concrete Plant Work?

Concrete  plants have a compact system that works in a certain order. Each part of the power plant has different tasks loaded. The general working principle of a concrete plant is as follows;

● The quality of the concrete to be obtained is determined before mass concrete production is started.

● Some tests and experiments are carried out to determine the quality and characteristics of the product.

● After the quality of the product is determined, mass production begins

● First of all, aggregate, water and cement stocked in different sections are weighed.

● The weighed mixture is transferred to the mixer via belts or buckets.

● Here, the necessary additional material is added and the content is mixed with the mixer.

● The mixing process is continued until the content reaches the desired consistency.

● The mixture, which has reached a sufficient consistency, is then poured into the transmixer and the process is completed.

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