Differences Between Fixed and Mobile Concrete Plants

Differences Between Fixed and Mobile Concrete Plants

Differences Between Fixed and Mobile Concrete Plants In this article, we will talk about the differences between fixed and mobile concrete plants. We will explain which of these two concrete plant types, which have the same functions but different features and advantages, should be preferred in which situation.

The differences between fixed and mobile concrete plants should be known in detail, especially by industry employees. Because the ability of businesses to increase their profit rates depends on the correct selection of these machines, which are purchased with large investments.

What are the Differences Between Fixed and Mobile Concrete  Plants?

The differences between fixed and mobile concrete plant allow them to appeal to different customer bases. Mobile concrete plant is generally preferred by companies that are not in the concrete sector but prefer to produce concrete due to their projects. Fixed concrete plant, on the other hand, is the choice of sector companies that continuously manufacture concrete, since their production volumes are higher.

● Fixed concrete  plants have larger dimensions, so they require larger areas. Mobile concrete plants can operate in a smaller area.

● Mobile concrete plant can be transported easily by being loaded on a single truck.

● Fixed plants are more advantageous in case of high volume concrete requirement. It is better than mobile switchboards in terms of production speed and quality. Mobile plants, on the other hand, are more suitable for low volume concrete production.

● Installation, transportation, etc. of fixed concrete plants. The steps are costly. Mobile power plants, on the other hand, can start operating within 1-2 hours of arriving at the project site.

Things to Consider When Preferring Concrete Plant

Fixed switchboards and mobile switchboards are both functional facilities with advanced technology. They can be used for the same purpose and both have the following equipment:

● Feeding hopper

● Aggregate weighing hopper

● Conveyor

● cement weigher

● Mixing unit

● Control panel

While choosing between two types of concrete plants, it is necessary to pay attention to the needs of the company, its budget and long-term financial calculations. Since different countries may have different criteria, the subject should be investigated in detail. Some countries have standards for minimizing environmental impact. In such countries, it may be better to prefer mobile exchanges.

New Generation Concrete Plant: Compact Concrete Plants

Compact plants are a new generation plant that combines the advantageous features of fixed and mobile concrete plants.

It has both high efficiency and easy portability. It greatly reduces operating and investment costs while reducing installation time.

Compact power plants with capacities from 30 m3 to 200 m3 are among the most popular facilities of recent times.

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