Dry Concrete Plant

Dry Concrete Plant

Dry Concrete Plant

Dry concrete plants are facilities where the type of concrete called dry concrete is produced. In these facilities, materials such as aggregate, concrete and water required for concrete production are not mixed in the concrete mixer.

Dry concrete plant is a type of concrete production that is achieved by mixing the concrete mixing process in mixer trucks instead of using a mixer.

What is a Dry Concrete Plant?

Today, the building material known as ready-mixed concrete is produced in power plants operating with two different working principles. These are concrete plants working with dry system and wet system concrete plants. The main difference that separates the dry production concrete plant from the other concrete plants is; It is the mixing method used during the production of the final product, the concrete.

In wet type concrete plants, while sand, cement and water are mixed in the mixer, which is a part of the concrete plant, it takes the form of concrete; In the dry type concrete plant, the mixing of these materials is done in mixer trucks. In this type of concrete plants, aggregate, cement and water are automatically weighed and their ratios are determined and discharged to the mixer truck. The mixing process is carried out directly in the mixer truck.

Advantages Dry Type Concrete Plant

These concrete plants, which are among the most preferred concrete plants according to the project types, offer many advantages, especially easy transportation.

● Low cost compared to other concrete plants

● Easy and practical installation

● It is the most ideal type of concrete plant for dam and construction projects.

● It has a comfortable use with its computerized automation system.

● Provides fast and high-capacity concrete production as the mixing process is done directly in the mixer truck

● It allows concrete production on demand on site.

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