Measurement And Monitoring

Measurement And Monitoring

Aggregate moisture probe

Aggregate moisture probes are used for water weighing correction to provide consistent slump and water ratio during mass production.
We offer microwave moisture probes with ceramic surface protection. Automation system will automatically adjust the water according to the probe readings from the aggregates.

Mixer moisture probe and flowmeter for water/cement ratio correction

Mixer moisture probe is a useful tool that allows to check the moisture/consistency/slump of the mixture directly on the go.We offer microwave mixer moisture probes with ceramic surface protection and flowmeters for automatic water correction. When run in automatic mode the automation system will weigh all the required materials and a certain amount of water, that can be adjusted. After mixing for a certain period of time the system will check the moisture of the mix and add calculated amount of water according to the readings of the mixer moisture probe.

Silo level control accessories (Radar/Ultrasonic measurement)

Radar and Ultrasonic level indicators are perfect tools for constant silo level monitoring and can be offered in addition to standard High/Low level indicators.

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