Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MG 100 M³ / Hour

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant MG 100 M³ / Hour

Mussan Group Mobile Concrete Batching Plants are the professional solution for temporary needs with the advantage of fast installation, the advantage of starting production in a short time and minimum infrastructure requirement. Mussan Group Mobile Concrete Batching Plants with compact design, which are used reliably by the world’s leading contractors in their short-term construction projects, and which can be moved from one place to another quickly and easily, are high engineering products developed as a result of long-term R&D studies.

Mussan Group Mobile Concrete Batching Plants with the capacity to produce concrete from 60 m³/h to 120 m³/h; It changed the low-capacity production habit of mobile products and separated from its competitors by combining the power and capacity of fixed power plants with the advantage of mobilization.

  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Aggregate Weighing Bunker
  • Aggregate Weighing Belt
  • compressor
  • Sun Weighing Bunker
  • Cement Weighing Bunker
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Additive Tank
  • Water tank
  • Control Cabinet and Automation System
  • Cement Silo
  • Cement Silo Auger
  • Mobile Feedback Unit

Technicial Specifications

Plant Capacity

Compressed Concrete Capacity100 m³/h

Mixer Features

Mixer TypeTwin Shaft-Single shaft
Dry Capacity3000 lt
Mixer Capacity2000 lt
Motor Power2 x 37 kW Single

Aggregate Bunker

4 Eye4 x 10 m³

Mixer Conveyor Belt

Width1000 mm
Length13000 mm
Motor Power15 kW

Cement Water Additive Scales

Aggregate Weighing4200 kg
Cement Weighing900 kg
Water Weighing550 lt
Additive Weighing40 kg

Cement Silo

Capacity75-100-200 ton
Number of Silos1,2,3,4 pieces

Cement Silo Equipment

Diameter213 mm
Length7000 mm
Motor power11 kW
Silo type filter
Flap – Manual Lever
Safety valve

Air Compressor

Capacity900 lt/min.
Operating pressure7-8 bar
Motor power5.5 kW
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