Portable Cement Factory

Portable Cement Factory

Portable Cement factory

Portable cement factory is a portable facility where aggregates such as sand and gravel are produced by mixing cement and water in certain proportions and ready-mixed concrete is produced.

Raw materials obtained from mines and quarries must go through certain stages in order to become ready-to-use concrete. The mobile facilities where these stages are carried out are also called portable cement factory or mobile concrete plant.

What is Portable Cement Plant?

It is a basic building material that is obtained by mixing ready-mixed concrete, concrete aggregate, cement, water and in some cases, additives homogeneously in certain proportions. It has a fluid structure at first and solidifies and hardens over time and is used in many sectors. Complex factories or facilities that enable the production of ready-mixed concrete, which is the final product, by combining the necessary materials, are also called cement factories or ready-mixed concrete plants. Concrete batching plants within themselves;

● Fixed Concrete Batching Plants

● Compact Concrete Batching Plants

● Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

It is divided into 3 main groups.

Fixed Concrete Batching Plants

Fixed concrete batching plants are larger than mobile and compact concrete batching plants, they are high-capacity plants that remain stationary at the project site. These facilities include cement silo, mixer, aggregate bunker and feeding systems.

Fixed concrete batching plants were built to meet the high performance production needs. Stationary concrete batching plants, designed to operate at full capacity, efficiently and in accordance with occupational safety rules for the production of high quality concrete, are machines that can produce for long periods and maintain their durability for many years.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants

It is a type of concrete batching plant that combines the high efficiency of stationary concrete batching plants and the easy portability of mobile concrete batching plants. They are designed in a compact structure that can be installed more easily on the project site where it will start production.

Compact concrete batching plants offer significant advantages especially in construction projects. These useful machines, which can be easily positioned very close to the construction site, are the products most preferred by companies that want to increase their business volume or reduce their operating expenses.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile concrete plants are practical machines that are easy to use and ready for production within a few hours after assembly. They can be purchased with double shaft mixer or pan mixer options, depending on the needs. It can also be used for different projects thanks to its portable structure that includes all the parts that should be in a concrete plant.

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