Self Compacting Concrete (CIB) Definition

Self Compacting Concrete (CIB) Definition

It is a concrete that can be compacted in tight, reinforced, narrow and deep sections with its own weight without the need for any external influence and resists segregation at the same time. It is the concrete that has the feature of filling all the gaps by settling in the mold without being exposed to any external effects (vibration, swelling, etc.) with its own weight and passing through the steel reinforcement elements without segregation.

Thanks to the new generation polycarboxyl high-performance concrete additives added to this concrete, which has a high cement ratio and a low water ratio, it becomes a self-compacting concrete with high flow strength.

By eliminating all negative factors, it saves labor and time.

usage areas

1. All reinforced concrete elements

2. Retrofit projects

3. Tightly reinforced reinforced concrete elements

4. Structural elements in different geometries that require complex detailed molds

5. Architectural panels

6. It can be easily used in all horizontal and vertical equipment instead of standard concrete.


1. It shortens the construction time.

2. It reduces labor cost.

3. Increase in concrete quality (strength and durability)

4. Ease of repair, repair and reinforcement applications

5. Solution in problematic formwork systems

6. Aesthetic appearance, no plaster required.

7. Noise-free environment

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