Thıngs to do Before Buyıng the Concrete Plant!

Thıngs to do Before Buyıng the Concrete Plant!

There are many things you need to do before you buy a concrete batching plant. Doing such studies in advance will give you and your business an extra advantage.

So what can you do?

As Mega Beton Santrali family, we will share information that will give you an advantage in this article.

1-Market Analysis

Today, analysis is the absolute must before doing a new job. First of all, the purpose must be determined. You should shape your investment according to this purpose.

You should make a detailed analysis of the competing companies in the market. You need to know various information such as what competitors are doing, how they are pricing, how their customer service is.

In line with the result of this analysis, you should determine what you can do differently from your competitors in order to be included in the market.

Price discrimination, a new technological development or geographic proximity to a market area are some of the differences you can get.

The more detailed and successful your market analysis is, the more successful your company’s profit maximization will be.

2-Determining the Need

After the market analysis is completed, you can now start the calculations. As a result of your analysis, you determined the market volume. Then you should calculate how much of a share you can get from this market volume.

You should determine how many products you can sell with the differences you plan to make. After you have determined how many products you will sell, it is now time to choose which plant to choose.

“Buy a concrete batching plant according to what you need!”

Don’t let sales reps try to sell you bigger power plants, buy what you need.

However, do not overlook the fact that the capacity of the concrete batching plant you will purchase can be increased for the future and should be easily disassembled and assembled. In the future, when you expand your business, you may want to enlarge your switchboard or move it to a different location.

3-Determining the Budget

After completing the market analysis, you also determined the switchboard you need. The power plant you need now

You need to determine how much budget you will allocate for. You should be able to revise your budget again, taking into account your future earnings.

4- Company Selection

You have completed the market analysis, now you know the market. Now you know how much you need to produce and what your needs are. It’s time to choose a company.

If an evaluation is to be made in terms of price performance in facilities such as concrete plants, the one with the cheapest price should not be preferred. It is a quality product that should be preferred.

“Why you should not buy cheap concrete batching plant!” You should read our article.

Your preferred company;

-It should be geographically relatively close to your business. Because any problem with the facility

No matter where in the world you live in, it should be able to intervene in a short period of 72 hours.

– Should explain the raw materials used in their products and the production process in detail.

– It should produce power plants suitable for the climatic conditions of your country.

-The product warranty period should be long-term, not as short as 1-2 years (The manufacturer, who trusts himself and his goods, gives a long-term guarantee such as 3 years.).

Spare parts should be readily available.

-You should be able to reach the 24/7 customer support line no matter what the time difference is.

– must be completely transparent about the contract.

The sales contract should protect not only the buyer but also the seller.

“Sell you what you need, not more”

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