Transportation of Ready-Mixed Concrete

Transportation of Ready-Mixed Concrete

Since ready-mixed concrete is a product that needs to be used quickly, it must be transported in a certain period of time, depending on the type of cement and concrete and the type of chemical additive, received by the customer and transferred to the mold. In terms of this feature, ready-mixed concrete is transported by special trucks called transmixers and mixed in a transmixer to maintain its homogeneity until delivery. .

The truck mixer operator transports the concrete to the customer’s construction site, and the pump operator transfers the concrete to the mold at the desired point. During the transportation of ready-mixed concrete, care must be taken not to exceed a distance of more than 90 km and not exceed 2.5 hours. This period can be reduced to 2 hours in summer conditions and can be increased to 3 hours with chemical additives.


The waybill of each truck mixer is definitely checked before starting to pour the concrete, it is ensured that it is suitable for the order and that the transportation time has not passed.

The consistency of the fresh concrete is checked, it is checked whether it complies with the consistency class specified in the order, if it is too high, the concrete is rejected, if it is low, the concrete company is contacted.

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