Turkey Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Turkey Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Turkey stationary concrete batching plants are classified as fully automatic and full type concrete batching plant that are  the right solution for long term precast mixed concrete projects in designated job site areas. With its ability to produce any type of concrete structure, riveted and trouble-free, spare parts guarantee, technical and quality services, stationary concrete batching plants with high CE and conformity in concrete standards are preferred by professionals.Turkey stationary concrete batching plants companies knows very well that climatic conditions have a significant impact on the quality of concrete. Whereas in cold climate regions such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Northern Europe etc. is heated by hot steam generators and insulated panels, the concrete water used in concrete plants from in hot regions such as Middle East countries and countries is also cooled. Concrete batching plant fixed on the ground design to avoid collecting water under aggregate collector in rainy seasons.The operator-oriented information display allows the operator to monitor the entire production process in time.The blending process can be controlled both automatically and manually, this allows the operator to choose the manual mode temporarily if any problem occurs.

Turkey Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Turkey compact concrete batching plants is a high-efficiency batch production equipment, can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry concrete, and it has high production efficiency and is used in medium-sized building construction, road and bridge engineering, and precast concrete product processing. Turkey compact concrete batching plants  is the ideal equipment for producing engineering concrete. The JS series double shaft mixer is used, the concrete is completely mixed and the mixing time is short,It can install a double mixing system to effectively raise the production power of the equipment, high efficiency and cost saving,The consumable parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials to ensure a longer service life and lower maintenance costs, Using advanced weighing technology, shock absorber and automatic compensation function, high nosing precision,PLC control system, computer control, digital display, easy to operate, more automatic, Close structure, small occupation space, easy to move, Lowest initial investment, lowest operating and maintenance costs.

Turkey Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Turkey mobile concrete batching plants are Used in almost all construction projects, concrete is now produced in concrete plants with precise weighing and high mixing technology. Aggregates, cement, water and additives are accurately weighed on scales according to concrete recipes determined from previous laboratory tests and are homogeneously mixed by high-efficiency speed mixers to produce high-quality concrete. In the past, all concrete plants were manufactured as stationary concrete plants, and even the smallest ones could be installed within a certain period of time after being transported with four to five trucks; these stationary plants produced concrete in the same location for many years. The increase in the number of construction projects and the amount of concrete required in these projects, as well as the need to complete these projects in a short time, has led construction companies to produce Turkey mobile concrete batching plants. the mobile concrete plant can be easily transported.

Turkey Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

Turkey mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers  produce mobile concrete batching plant is fully installed on semi-trailer, except for cement silo and screw conveyor, all air and water pipes are pre-piped, pre-wired and use quick coupling for power delivery. Main features of mobile concrete batching plant:Free Foundation,Compact structure design, can be installed and disassembled quickly,Stand small footprint,Moving from one location to another can be easily,Low power usage,All function in ease of control. The portable concrete batching plant can be installed quickly and without the need for foundation works, and moved easily with the wheel chassis. Turkey mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers  manufactures Very suit for small project, remote area project and ongoing project. Mobile concrete batching plants are equipped with high-tech control and automation systems including premium class electronic and electrical components. The whole system is controlled by advanced software that has advanced features and user-friendly interface. Combined primary feeding systems are our alternative solutions to the loading ramps necessary for loading hoppers with loaders.

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