Types of Concrete Plant

Types of Concrete Plant

Types of Concrete Plant

Types of concrete plants are handled according to the dimensions, logistics possibilities, production capacities and optimizability of the plants with additional equipment. Knowing the features and advantages of different types of concrete  plants is very important for businesses that want to buy a batching plant.

Concrete plants are generally considered in two categories. With the studies carried out in recent years, a third type of concrete plant has started to appear in the market.

These are:

● Mobile Concrete Plant

● Fixed Concrete Plant

● Compact Concrete Plant

We will examine these concrete batching plants, which have unique features and advantages, in a little more detail.

Types and Features of Concrete Plant

The main purpose of the companies that manufacture concrete plants is to follow the sectoral innovations and to carry out R & D studies for the new needs of the enterprises; to optimize existing machines or to produce new machines. Mobile and compact concrete batching plants have also been developed in this way to meet new needs and demands.

All of the fixed, mobile or compact concrete plants are fully automated systems. From the moment the material arrives at the feeders to the operation of the mixer, the whole process is carried out automatically and can be easily followed on a single panel. Different types of products can be obtained by determining the material weighing and adjusting the mixing time.

Now let’s look at the features of different concrete plants.

Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile plants or portable concrete plants have many advantages due to their smaller size. It is quite easy to install, disassemble and transport the switchboard. In this way, quality concrete can be produced easily by moving to points close to the project site.

Mobile concrete plants produced by Mussan Group have production capacities between 30 m3 and 150 m3 per hour.

Mobile concrete plants are especially ideal for the needs of the construction industry.

Fixed Concrete Plant

They are power plants that have been used for many years and have a high production capacity. As the name suggests, they are established in a specific area and operate there. This type of switchboard is costly to install and transport. Also, the process takes a long time. For this reason, they are preferred only by companies producing concrete.

Mussan Group produces stationary concrete plants with capacities between 60 m3 and 200 m3 per hour.

Compact Concrete Plant

These concrete plants are the newest plant type produced with the latest technology. They have high production capacities like stationary concrete plants, and the portability of mobile plants. With its production capacities ranging from 30 m3 to 200 m3, it is among the concrete batching plants preferred by businesses from every sector.

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