What is an Asphalt Plant?

What is an Asphalt Plant?

What is an asphalt plant? Let’s answer your question. Afsalt plant is a plant used for road construction and asphalt work. It is divided into two as mobile asphalt plant and fixed asphalt plant. Hot asphalt mix, which is required to be laid on the road floor, is produced in asphalt plants.

So, what is an asphalt plant? Asphalt concrete is produced to be used in asphalt plant asphalt road construction. The mixture, also called hot mix asphalt, contains shrunken stone chips and bitumen. In the plant, these two components are mixed by heating.

What is Asphalt Plant? What Does It Do?

One of the most important features of today’s modern civilizations is that they have easy transportation opportunities. Roads are the most used means of transportation since the past. Until the last century, different types of roads have been tried. However, the most widespread method was the method using asphalt. Because asphalt roads stand out compared to other road construction methods in terms of durability and road quality. Moreover, the cost of asphalt roads is low in terms of time used.

Today, production facilities designed for asphalt production have been designed. These facilities are called asphalt plants. Asphalt plants produce the necessary material for asphalt road construction. The basic material required for asphalt road construction is a mixture called hot mix asphalt. This mixture consists of materials called aggregate and bitumen. The asphalt plant heats the aggregate and mixes it with the bitumen. The materials are mixed in different proportions according to the type of asphalt to be produced. The ingredients are mixed through the mixer. In order for the asphalt to be produced to be of the desired quality, a quality facility must be established.

Asphalt Plant Models

Asphalt plants are asphalt concrete production facilities designed for asphalt road construction. Today, asphalt is used for quality road construction all over the world. Asphalt is produced hot. The reason why it is produced hot is that the bitumen mixes with the aggregate more homogeneously. Therefore, first the aggregate is dried and heated, then mixed with bitumen. Asphalt plants basically consist of the following equipment;

● Cold aggregate feeding unit

● Conveyor belts

● Dryer

● Filter

● Aggregate elevator

● Elephants elevator

● Vibrating sieve

● Hot aggregate storage silo

● Aggregate and bitumen weighing scale

● Asphalt plant mixer

● PLC control System

Asphalt plants are divided into two groups according to their design models. These; fixed asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant. We have reviewed the details of both models below.

Fixed Asphalt Plant

Fixed asphalt plant is generally the facilities established in places where asphalt is desired to be produced continuously. Fixed asphalt plants are installed in the work area and are difficult to transport. Therefore, it is used in long-term asphalt production projects. Fixed asphalt plants are usually installed close to cities or living quarters. Because asphalt is generally used on city roads. Therefore, there is a constant need for asphalt.

Asphalt is a road surface material that can be used for a certain period of time. After a certain period of use, deformations may occur on the asphalt. In such cases, asphalt must be renewed or repaired. Repair of asphalt is also done with asphalt mixture. High capacity asphalt can be produced in fixed asphalt plants.

Mobile Asphalt Plant

Mobile asphalt plants, like fixed asphalt plants, are facilities designed for the production of asphalt concrete. Mobile asphalt plant is one of the plant types with easier drying. Mobile asphalt plants are designed to be easily transported from one area to another. For this reason, it is most preferred in short-term, seasonal or road projects where the working area can change. The assembly and disassembly of mobile asphalt plants can be done easily.

Mobile asphalt plants provide significant advantages especially for companies doing mobile business. It reduces the transportation costs of the companies. At the same time, it can be installed and ready for production in a short time. The maintenance costs of mobile asphalt plants are also low. Necessary maintenance can be done comfortably.

Mussan Machine Global is a company that produces asphalt plants in different models. The company, which produces fixed asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant, has been operating for many years. Mussan Machine Global asphalt plants are designed for asphalt producing companies or municipalities to produce quality asphalt. In addition, it is able to produce quality products under all difficult conditions. You can contact Mussan Machine Global for your asphalt plant needs.

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