What is Concrete Plant? | What are its Types and Usage Areas?

What is Concrete Plant? | What are its Types and Usage Areas?

Concrete Batching Plant is the general name of the facilities where materials such as gravel, sand, water and cement are mixed at the desired rate and quickly ready-mixed concrete is produced.

Concrete Plants have equipment such as cement silo, concrete mixer, mixer feeding band, aggregate bunker.

As MUSSAN Concrete Batching Plants, we can manufacture 4 types of concrete batching plants.

Fixed Concrete Batching Plants: Fixed concrete batching plants, designed to be used in your long-term projects, are designed for use in the ready-mixed concrete sector and contracting services, in order to fully meet your needs and according to the nature of the job, and are commissioned in such a way that you will not have any problems in the continuation of the job.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants; Mobile concrete batching plants, preferred by our customers who want a shorter and faster solution than fixed concrete batching plants, are frequently mentioned in the market with their easy transportation, fast assembly – disassembly and low operating costs.

Compact Concrete Batching Plants, which can also be expressed as bucket concrete batching plants, have been designed so that the concrete batching plants do not occupy much space on the field and their transportation is cheap and in a very short time. This type of concrete batching plants are produced in the form of containers or to be shipped with containers. It does not need foundation and loading ramp due to its structure.

As additional information, the choice of concrete mixer differs according to the project in which the concrete will be used. Mixers, one of the most important equipment of concrete plants, are; 4 types can be produced as Single Shaft, Double Shaft, Pan and Planet.

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