What is Concrete Plant?

What is Concrete Plant?

What is Concrete Plant? Concrete; It is obtained as a result of combining and mixing materials such as sand, gravel, stone, cement and water. Concrete plant is the facility where all these materials are brought together, mixed and transported. The equipments in a conventional concrete plant are concrete mixer, automation system, aggregate bucket, cement silo, feeding belt, aggregate bunker and aggregate weighing belt. Ready-mixed concrete obtained in concrete plants is mostly used in construction and road works. There are many important points that companies should pay attention to when purchasing a concrete plant. Companies can suffer significant losses from power plants without being conscious and having sufficient information. One of the most important considerations when purchasing a concrete plant is to purchase a facility suitable for its working capacity. Facilities operating below the targeted production capacity should not be purchased. Or, unnecessary costs should not be created by purchasing a facility far above the targeted production capacity.

Difference of Concrete Plant and Mobile Concrete Plant

The most important information to be known in purchasing a plant is to know the difference between a fixed concrete plant and a mobile concrete plant. If the work will be carried out based on a long process in the determined work area, then a fixed concrete plant should be preferred. Fixed concrete plants are the most ideal plant type for long-term works and provide significant advantages to companies in terms of cost and profitability in the long run. Mobile concrete plant, on the other hand, is the plant type that is ideal for short-term works with its ease of transportation. Companies that have completed short-term concrete production works and will go to a different work site and start operating should benefit from the advantages of mobile plants.

Advantages of Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile switchboards have the convenience of being transported by being loaded on a single truck. The most important advantages of mobile plants are that they are easy to transport and they perform all the functions that fixed concrete plants do. Compact plants are the other plant type used in concrete plants apart from fixed and mobile plants. Compact concrete plant should be preferred in places with narrow working area. Compact concrete  plants, which work successfully in narrow spaces and save space, are also used by some companies to save space. Our company provides services in the production of concrete plants and manufactures all plant types and offers them to the sector. You can buy fixed concrete plants, mobile concrete plants or compact concrete plants from our company with state-of-the-art productions. Our company manufactures all power plants according to CE standards and exports abroad. You can contact us through our contact numbers to get a quote from our company about concrete plant prices and to ask your questions.

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