Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Concrete Batching Plant!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Concrete Batching Plant!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Concrete Batching Plant!

1-The Quality of Raw Material and Workmanship Used

The quality of raw materials used is similar in many companies. However, some companies use much less than the ratio of raw materials to be used in power plant production.

We can give examples from some concrete plant parts.

-Raw Material Bunker Cover: Some manufacturers use 2-3 mm thinner sheet, but a few mm thicker sheet should be used. Others do not use reinforcement sheet or profile for reinforcement. The raw material bunker cover produced in this way will be less durable and have a shorter life.

In this way, production will be interrupted until the cover is repaired, as the wrong amount of raw material will be weighed due to cover failures.

-Conveyor Belt Motor: aggregate is transported to the mixer by conveyor belt after weighing. Some companies use motors with a motor power of less than 5 kW in the conveyor belt. Thus, the conveyor belt has a low engine power, so it is constantly difficult to carry the raw material and it breaks down after a while. Then all production is interrupted until it is repaired.

-Concrete plant must be produced completely according to the climatic conditions of your country. Concrete batching plants produced as standard type will be both cheaper and less durable and have a shorter life.

If you want, you can choose cheap companies that are not specially designed for you, use less steel, and sell power plants with less labor.

2-Ease of Installation and Assembly

We hope you received everything without breaking any parts during shipping.

If the plant has reached your hand intact, you need to pay attention to the assembly stage. Because a bolt that is over tightened or left loose may break the connection point due to the poor quality steel used.

Over or under welds, over-spaced welds may also break in certain places and your facility may be damaged.0

You may want to move your concrete plant to another location. For this, the disassembly and reassembly process should be done easily and there should be no negative factors such as stretching and warping in the joints.

In any weather event, your power plant may suffer great damage as it is made of non-durable material.

Spare parts used should be readily available everywhere.

3-Automation System

If the automation system, which is one of the most important parts, is of poor quality, you will encounter many problems. You should make sure that it is a quality and reliable computer system.

If your software is not working properly;

Raw materials may be weighed incorrectly.

You can produce faulty c20 concrete instead of C30 concrete.

If the system does not give an error where it should fail, it may cause the part to fail.

If the necessary lubrication for your mixer is not automatic, it will cause it to break down quickly.

If the system, which should start with a single touch on the touch screen and stop with a single touch, does not work, you will still have a problem during production.

False reports you receive may adversely affect the profit/loss status of your business.

4-Production Phase

One of the most important parts for concrete plants is the mixer. There are several reasons why your mixer is cheap. These are that the wear plate is thin and the shafts or mixer inside are generally made of poor quality steel.

If the wear plate is thin and of poor quality, you will lose money because you will have to constantly replace it. It must be made of st-52 or hardox steel, not st-37 steel.

The poor quality of the shafts causes them to break very quickly and causes your production to stop and you lose money.

5-Price / Performance

You bought a concrete batching plant 30-40% cheaper than other companies in the market. You produced in the same way in a very short term. You think it will continue like this for a while.

And then?

Most of the parts we have mentioned above will start to deteriorate. Then you will start to replace these broken parts in order. During this time, your production will be disrupted and you will lose your customers.

You will probably not be able to cover most of these parts or reach the person you are looking for in the 1-year warranty.

While you think you have made 30-40% profit, you will face 100% loss.

(If you want to learn more fraudulent methods, you can call our customer representative.)

Now think again why you shouldn’t buy cheap concrete batching plant. Then you already know what to do.

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